I live in a giant petri dish......Help!

  1. To whom it may concern,

    The apt mgr where I live seems to think it's a brillant cost cutting measure to make it under budget by turning the heat down on the community hot water tanks since the water in the tanks is just warm and not hot,but not cold either,it would seem a freindly enviroment for growing bacteria.

    I was concerned about protecting the seinors in our apt building who have weak immune systems,as well as showering in it,running the dishwasher,and consuming it through a Brita water filter.

    I want to educate everyone in our apt community to show them why we should not take excuses like "matinence is working on it"................... "we're waiting for a part to come in"........."Nobody else has complained" Soooooooo,I did a search for eviromental safety and got nothing but consulting firms and pop-up ads. Where can I get information on eviromental safety as it relates to regulations that I can use to scare the hell out of the corporation that runs the place??

    I have written the company president and regional mgr.

    I called the county health dept...........within 2 hours the water was hot to the touch..........uhhhm.........guess that part for the water tank came in just in time to avoid a fine

    I want to look into buying enviromental test equipment,but I need to know what I'm looking for. There are many other enviromental issues here such as standing water(think West Nile and the elderly)stained carpets from water leaks in common areas.........and so on.

    Someone please throw me a bone here!
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  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    Hi, Peeps, I'd call your local water department. Betcha they'd know all that stuff.

    What you might try is-- look under microbiology as well. I found a cryptosporidium outbreak that was water-related (for a paper) pertaining to the size of the filters in the system.