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  1. Yesterday Irecieved a call from the Doctor and heNotified me that my hepatitis Test came back (-), but my hiv Screening came back (+) But the test showed i was (-) for hiv and wants to repeat the test in six months. What does this mean? I amscared because i am only twenty-three, with no husband and no children. Do i have to payfor one mistake for the rest of my life.
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    I am sorry to hear about your results - I know that must be very tough to find out. What kind of HIV test did you get? I know that the ELISA tests aren't as accurate as the Western Blots - it might be a false positive. While that is somewhat unlikely, it is a definate possiblity. That is probably why the physician wants to test you again in six months. I do know of a case where a person had (I think) three positive ELISA HIV tests, but when they did the Western Blot test, it turns out it was just a false positive. The preliminary tests generally aren't too accurate. But, there is really nothing you can do until your next test except for live a healthy lifestyle (lots of fruits, veggies, water, and SLEEP) and to practice safe sex from now on. Wishing the best!
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    In light of recent posts from the OP, I wanted to reiterate that you are HIV NEGATIVE if the Western Blot comes back negative. The screening test (ELISA) can sometimes be positive and that is why the Western Blot is done. Here are some sites to look at:

    Lists reasons why an ELISA screening MIGHT be positive:

    Here is a forum about HIV/AIDS and they discuss the positive ELISA screen:

    Another site that explains the biology of a false positive:

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