Doyou think this is right

  1. I currently work two jobs. One in a private physcian's office, and in a nursing home. Yeasterday while in the nursing home i was giving one ofmy resident her pm insulin injection. I sucessfullyrecap the neelde, but the needle bent and went through the cap, a stick my finger. I immediataly call the weekend RN. She told me to write up an indicent report and call the DON in the am, And that's what i did. This am I spoke with the DON and was told that I needed to be seen NOW. So i went in to the Doctors office were an HIV and Hepititis Panel was drawn, and i have to have all of the same labs drawn again in six months. I was not give an RX for prventative treatment, due to the fact that the resident has a low risk of having HIV. Also had to pay for the visit out of pocket due the fact that I don't have insurance. Do you think this I right. The resident had blood work for the same above labs,And the results arestill pending.
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  3. by   Myxel67
    For a work related incident, I think they should have paid. If it happened in a hospital, the hospital would do the labs. It's a worker's comp and an employee health issue in my opinion.

  4. by   lovingtheunloved
    Ditto, and if you MUST recap, secure it from the sides, not the top. I learned that the hard way, fortunately in the nursing lab, although who knows what cooties those mannequins have...
  5. by   Jolie
    Your employer is responsible for paying for your treatment for a work related injury. Given that they tried to push the expense of the blood-work onto you, I am not certain that they are looking out for your best interests. Do you have a primary physician that you can consult to determine whether you have been treated appropriately? If not, please consider contacting OSHA.

    And like the others have said, please NEVER re-cap a needle. Do you not have ready access to sharps containers? If not, your facility may be in violation of OSHA standards.

    Best wishes to you.
  6. by   sunnyspin
    The only real access that I have to a sharps container is on the side of these large med carts. The reason i didn't have the med cart was because I work weekend doubles, and i usally only have one hall. But in the facuilty that i work in the heating system is broken so the back of the hall that i work on does not recieve any heat, and the resident that were down there a separtated out on a total of three different halls. After two double shifts and working three halls, you start to take short cuts. But trust me that will be one short cut I won't be taking again.
  7. by   Jolie
    Sounds like a call to OSHA and the State Health Department may be in order.

    I am truly sorry for the terrible conditions that you and your residents face.