Distance Between Patient Beds

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    I was wondering if anyone has a link or reference to any guidelines/recommendations for the amount of actual physical space should be between patient's beds. I am asking because we have had a private room converted to a semi-private and it is absolutely ridiculous. There is about a foot or so between the two beds. Patients have complained that it feels like they're sleeping in a double bed. The bed by the window has to be occupied by a DNR because it would be impossible to run a code there. We'd like to get this room changed back to a private so it would be helpful if I could find some literature to help to advocate for this. Thanks!
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  3. by   memphispanda
    Some info that may be helpful:
    Also wanted to point out that in childcare facilities, most states require the minimum distance between cots/mats to be 2-3 feet, seems like that would be similar to adult requirements, perhaps a bit more space required for adults.
    The Boston Manual of Common Communicable Diseases in Shelters recommends at least three feet of space between shelter beds to reduce the risk of airborne disease transmission.
    http://www.portlandonline.com/audito...=19540&c=ciibh "When beds are placed side by side, there shall be a minimum space of 5 feet between the beds so that the face of the occupants may be at least 6 feet apart"
  4. by   cnyrn
    THi sis sort of off the topic, but I have an issue with doing an admit in a double room. The curtain that is pulled between the beds certainly isn't sound-proof, and there you are asking the most personal questions with that roomate listening to every word. Talk about a HIPPA violation. How do other small hospitals address this, if a special area isn't designated for the admission process?