disposal of ns flush syringes-needleless - page 2

Hope does your facility dispose of used NS flush syringes without a needle on it? We put them in the sharps container but I often find them in the waste basket.:nurse:... Read More

  1. by   EmerNurse
    Needless Flush syringes go in the biohazard regular trash. I see no reason for them to go into a sharps container, which is designed with hard sides so a needle can't poke through. We have biohazard trash cans/bags for items soiled with body fluids that aren't sharps. Would you put bloody gauze from a blood draw in the sharps container?

    The one non-sharp I DO put in the sharps container is the glass tubex tubes that a lot of narcs come in. If they break, they become sharps, right? I know a lot of folks who also put wasted narcs (that last 0.5cc of dilaudid) into the locked sharps box. Expedient and you can't get it out again, so makes sense to me.