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  1. I am trying to get a job in Infection control. While I see several Hospitals posting these jobs, they seem nearly impossible to get, because they want a candidate to have the CIC certification. To obtain the CIC certification you must be in a Documented Infection Control job. I applied internally for one last year within the hospital and recieved an email from the Nurse Manager saying she would "get back to me" but she never did positively or negatively. Because I wanted a change, I have been doing travel assignments...which of course does not lend itself to getting into Infection Control. I like Nursing, but would like to take on a job with different types of challenges, and Infection Control seems to me to be an exciting way to impact the health of not only a lot of patients, but a lot of nurses and aides and families...

    I have 10 weeks left on this contract, and have started to look back home again at IC jobs. I see about 5 listed. 2 actually say they require no prior experience.
    I'll be calling all of them with high hopes tomorro...

    But I am wondering what it woul be that would make me not such an ideal candidate???

    I have 7 years Nursing experience. ICU/ Emergency Dept. I have also 1.5ish years of experience managing hospitals/feeding centers in Africa which required a lot of Infection Control (as you might imagine...included myseterious outbreak of a viral hemmorhagic fever whew!)...and several classes at a local School of Public Health under my belt. So, while I do not have the CIC stamp, I really think I would be a good candidate. Is there something I am missing or not communicating appropriately??
    I can't look out of the area as I own a home, and I desperately want to live there again on a regular basis. Love travelling, all excpet for the moving part!!!

    Any and all Advice very gratefully accepted....or if you have a job offer I can't refuse.....
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  3. by   ICdebbers
    Hi Katie,
    I got my job as INfection Control/Staff Dev/Employee Health with no experience as any--Been a nurse since 1993. I LOVE infection control tho. My thoughts are this, are you applying for only larger hospitals? I work at a Critical Access Hospital. My title has more in it because i cover more areas because our hospital only is licensed for 25 beds. I am currently beginning my study for the CIC--on my own.
    Do you put your stint in Africa on your resume? I think that would speak volumes. It might at least get you into the interview.
    Let me know how it goes. I hope to eventually move on to a larger hospital once i get my credentials and my MSN.
  4. by   KatieBell
    Thanks for your reply. Since I live in an area with mostly large teaching facilities, and smaller hospitals (300 beds) owned by the same facilities, this is where I have been applying. I own a home, so it wouldn't be feasible for me to move at this point for a job...
  5. by   faltura
    When I got to this position, i dont have any experience in nursing administration nor infection control perse. i was working as a labor and delivery nurse but when the position was opened, i applied for it and it took 3 months before they scheduled me for an interview. for infection control, all you needed to have is the drive and the passion since this type of position will definitely involve everyone. it is a multifactorial, multifaceted job and the confidence and the quest for knowledge will be your key to get in to this position. i hope ul be one of us. wishing you the best of luck
  6. by   ICRN2008
    I agree with the above posters that making sure that your resume shows all of your experiences will be a benefit. Other than that, I think that luck has a lot to do with it. Have you thought about joining your local chapter of APIC and attending educational meetings? This would show your interest in learning more about the profession.
    I, too, am starting out at a local hospital with responsibilities in employee health as well as infection control. I think that it is easier to get these positions than to start out at a large hospital.

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