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I am going to be in charge of the infection control in the hospital that I work at. I was wondering if anyone out there has any references/websites that can help me do the best job that I can.



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There are tons of sites, but here are some good ones. I use CDC, and OSHA a lot. You can type in Infection Control in a search engine, and find lots of sites. When all else fails go to to find any sites specific to your question. Hope this helps. Also if you can start communication with any other IC Nurses, it's always a really place to get resources. Good luck! ( governing body in US for infectious disease) ( you can sign up for a free e-mail with the latest infection news from the CDC, including stats.) ( needed standards for bloodborne pathogens etc.)

APIC ( membership is required to access the entire site) ( great resource for information/patient education) (online medical dictionary) ( resource for patient education, jobs, resume writing, etc.)

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