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I have been in med-surg for a year and ER for the last 4 years, and want to move into something a little less stressful and learn something new. I have an interview for an infection control RN and want some feedback from any infection control RN's.

I think it would be a great position for me, allow me the autonomy I need, I could still be at the bedside assessing patients, interact and educate other RN's, perform research and the hours probably would be nicer than what I have now.

So any feedback? I have a BSN, I would probably need to be certified in this specialty. Thanks for any information!

:D This is my first post/time on this site, this is a great site!!!:D


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Infection Control is a challenging position and can be fun.... but it can also have long hours. Seems you can count on a problem on Friday about 4 that takes awhile to filter through.

If you have never done IC before it is necessary to have a network of support persons at the state level and through one of the organizations. (I would have been in trouble without them) and you must have an employer who realizes the importance and doesn't just think it is there only to meet the requirements of JCAHO, etc. Which means that they are willing to send you to conferences.

If you truly love the bedside nursing, you may be disappointed.

There is much to learn and it is desired by some credentialing organizations to be certified, but I would suggest you wait until you have some expereince under you.

Would love to hear how the interview goes.

Good Luck.



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I am interested to see if you got the job. If so congrats. If not, better luck next time. Join your local ICP organization and APIC the international organization.

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