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hey, im from indonesia. I wondering if you guys have the same problem like all nurse student here been through. there are huge issues about nursing student here. in some hospitals theyre always compare us with the medical student which is like really really compare us in all subjects. all i know is nurse and doctor have a different jobs, different subject but here, they think that nurse is a doctor-maid, which is awful :(

so what do you think

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We don't have that problem here where I am....but most hospitals we are at are not teaching hospitals and we don't have MD students workin there.

I think that really stinks they treat you that way as the scope of practice is very different for nursing/doctors. yes nurses follow out doc's orders, but they also do so much more than that.

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We finally got beyond the "nurse as handmaid" perception in the USA. Nurses are very well trained here, and have responsibilities now that in the past were reserved for doctors only. Just to show you the change, my grandmother was a nurse. She was told once NOT to wear her stethoscope. Who did she think she was, a Doctor?? Now, I am able to assess, give medications and do other interventions without contacting the doctor first. Time changes a lot.

thats so cool. i wish, it will be like that here :)

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