lpn-bsn indiana state

  1. i have an appointment to meet with the college network this week... i am just wondering about other people's experiences with the college network bridge programs. any information would be great!!! thanks!
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  3. by   proudLPN83
    Some of my classmates opt'd to take this route but I dont know much about it...interested myself
  4. by   Born2BAnurse
    Hello Im looking into LPN to Rn on line also. Let me know what they tell you I would be intrested in knowing. Thanks
  5. by   critter1972
    i'll tell you this....The College Network provides the study materials for Phase 1 and 2 for the ISU LPN/LVN to BSN program. ISU recommends them...they have a partnership, which means, that ISU has seen what they offer and approved it.

    TCN also provides study materials for Excelsior (no partnership because EC wants ALL of your money). They also provide study materials for Independence Univ (formerly know as the California college of Health Science) for the ONLY Respiratory Therapy program offered online. Plus, they, TCN has partner ships with CORNELL UNIVERSITY and Boston university....that means something?

    go to their website, see what schools they work with and make a decision based on what's best for you. A lot of people will give you all kinds of opinions, but i personally find TCN very helpful. I can call anytime during their 15 hours a day of academic support and ask questions about anything and i get help. they guarantee their study materials, if you fail a test, after 2 tries, you get a tutor and then THEY pay your testing fee.

    I went directly through them to get my materials because i wanted that support. I could have bought them off ebay for less, but i'm not looking for the cheap way out. Plus, i didn't know if i was buying the most up to date materials. oh, and i'm paying a testing fee for a test i better make sure that i'm studying the recent stuff.

    call TCN, or ISU, i know my advisor that i spoke to, on the phone, was very helpful from TCN. She wasn't pushy, she answered my questions, sent me info and a cost estimate on what the program would cost...including ISU's fees. Plus, she went through and explained, not only how it worked, but how it gets paid for. I was given her name, phone and email so that if i had any questions, i could call. she did follow up with me a few times....just to make sure that i got the info, but never once did i feel pressured....because...i told her up front that i am very interested, but i want to make sure that it was something that i could do and afford. then, once i felt ready, she helped me get started.

    good luck
  6. by   LuvWounds
    I know this is a old post, but if you could let me know how its been going for you I would greatly appreciate that. I am thinking about ISU also.
  7. by   Old_Duffer
    I did dump EC in favor of ISU. Some of the people at ISU work at TCN and create some guides. I know it is a chunk of change but I am now doing ISU. As I move along I will share.