Has anyone applied for ISU FNP Fall 2017?

  1. Now it's a waiting game. Wondering if there are any others on this site that have applied.
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  3. by   Lindseyerinlpn
    I have started my application, I am applying for the online program. I got a job while still in college and have the opportunity to work. Thought online would be a good choice for me. I called and emailed ISU though trying to find out what classes of mine they need and what my cost will be. Is their program hard to get in? I thought I heard that it was easy to get in as long as you have your classes and license active.
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  4. by   wantarnp
    Which classes are you referring to? Do you have your BSN?...I'm not sure how hard it is to get in. I'm just hoping they like my application and accept me!
  5. by   Rholloway0020
    I applied for the Fall semester but doubt I will get accepted b/c of my low Kaplan score. Last night I was supposed to do my complete retake and was told by the proctor that they di not have my sign in information, so I was not able to retake the test. Tomorrow is the deadline to have everything in so I'm just going to try to reapply for Spring 2018
  6. by   Blessings81
    What does the Kaplan test composed of? What book did you study for the test?
  7. by   Finallymadeit10
    Hey. I was wondering if you were accepted and how is the program going thus far?