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  1. I'm looking into this program and trying to determine the pros and cons. I know there are other threads on hear, but they all look to be several years old and I'm looking for current info. Does anyone have info for me? Any good or bad experiences?
    I am an LPN in Ohio who has completed all pre-reqs for my RN at my local community college. I ultimately want my BSN, but don't want to wait forever. My earliest shot at my local college is MAYBE Fall of 2013. And if I could skip that step and go straight to my BSN, that would be awesome!
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  3. by   HealthKibitz
    Hi there! This is the program I feel certain I will want to go for in about a year or so. I have to complete my LPN first, but I have also already met all the prerequisites such as A&P with labs, chemistry, and I think I will only have 3 or 4 courses to take before I can actually jump right into the program. I like that it is "at your own pace" pretty much - except I need student loans and will need to be sure I am taking 6 semester hours at a time - but other than that, I feel I can work and complete the program without too much problem. Of course if you want just the option of LPN to RN, Excelsior is a good one and you can start right away. That's NOT covered by student loans but it looks like a great program. If I had not already taken a lot of courses "toward" a BSN, I would probably go with the RN and worry about BSN in a few years, but I think I would be crazy to pass up the BSN since all my coursework falls within the "no later than 5 years" since I took them (A&P, etc.). Good luck!
  4. by   BaugherLPN
    Hi, I have been looking into this program. I spoke with a representative from ISU yesterday and was told I could start immediately taking the four tests required before starting nursing classes this fall. I have a Bachelor's degree in teaching and was told my credits would transfer. They only allow you to take two classes a semester so it will take me two years to take the 11 required classes. Was told I can pick where I want to do my clinicals and they will make the arrangements for me. Sounds like a good program, but would love to hear from anyone all ready in the program.
  5. by   kstepan
    Did you buy the books for the challenge exams? im wondering what they are called to see if i can buy them used.
  6. by   logank622
    I bought older versions of the TCN modules but didn't experience too many issues with outdated information, etc. Once in a while they show up on eBay, Amazon, etc. - just search for "College Network Indiana". I will say that the modules are VERY helpful and well geared toward the exams. New, old, used, etc. doesn't matter - if you can get your hands on them, I strongly recommend it. For example, I had a 4.0 in all my nursing courses for LPN. I took the med-surg exam using my notes and no module and ended up with a 77, just barely passing. I used the module for OB (easily my least-favorite area) and scored a 94.
  7. by   12Dreams
    Please reply if you have any tips or suggestions!!!! my ears are open because I am in desperate need of guidance and true knowledge!!! I have been reading a lot about LPN to BSN with Indiana State University and College Network. Seems like the more I read the more I am unsure what I should do and/or confused. I met up with college network guy and will be meeting him up again in 2 days to sign on with them to take 12 classes and 4 nursing transition course 1)I did look into taking the classes at community college that I need for Indiana state university but they are more expensive then that College network is offering. community college is offering 560per 5 credit class +books +gas to get to school. College network is offering 525 +test fees ($95-$300..depending what class it is.I only have one class that will charge me 305 for test), + they are giving me 20%grant if I sign up before 1/31/13. Seems like college network would be the easier route cause I would work at my own pace and still pay the same amount if not less regardless what school I sign up with. Everyone seems to be soooooo again college network but I am not sure what other route is the best and cheaper. please tell me why I shouldn't sign up with college network. 2) Indiana State University DegreeLink Program: Nursing (LPN/LVN to BS): Courses states that I can do CLEP or DSST tests too. how do those work and where would I get the study material?? and where would I take the test so they are qualified at Indiana State? would this be a cheaper route then signing up with college network?? I under stand that college network helps u take classes. is there another way to study to pass the course equivalency examinations other than going through college Network??? 3) will Indiana state university recognize all the credits that I get with College Network? (I know its not the college itself that issues credits but they are the ones work with examinations) 4)Any one in the SEATTLE area and or SNOHOMISH county that did clinicals in the area?? how hard is it to get in one and pass it? 5) are there any essasy in college Network or Indiana State University? I fear Essays!! 6) Is there anywhere else I can take the nursing transition courses other then College Network? 7) for college network, I have all my pre-requisites complete but do have 12 classes in General Educations to complete. Doe Indiana State really need all them classes?? or college network is trying to make me take classes I don't need for Indiana state university? 8) My grades aren't the best in my pre-requisites and most community college would even consider me due to my low GPA +some classes have a ready been expired and I would need to retake several. really don't want to go community college way to get my RN. want something online and in a way at my own pace because I am planning to work full time. is going to College network then to Indiana state university really a bad route?? what else should I look into??? please help me. I don't know what to do but do really want to get my RN that will be accepted in WA and CA state. thank you for your time!! any comments will be greatly appreciated
  8. by   12Dreams
    really I can just buy the classes on ebay instead of going through the school itself? and just sign up for a test?? where would I take the test??
  9. by   mitczak
    Your best bet to get answers on what ISU accepts, etc, is to use their web at Indiana State University : Department of Baccalaureate Nursing Completion : LPN-BS and even request information directly from them via the form at
  10. by   mitczak
    Information about the challenge exams is located at
  11. by   logank622
    Gusakov1, what I meant is that I bought the study guides on eBay instead of through The College Network. You still need to take the exam through the school. You'll need to find a proctor, then register for the exam through the nursing department. They are very good about walking you through the process.
  12. by   12Dreams
    did you take the test with Excelsior college? or CLEP? or with college network themself?
    did choose not to sign up with college network and just bought some books on ebay.

    thank you for everyones responce
  13. by   logank622
    Quote from gusakov1
    did you take the test with Excelsior college? or CLEP? or with college network themself?
    did choose not to sign up with college network and just bought some books on ebay.

    thank you for everyones responce
    You can only take the challenge exams through Indiana State. They are not offered anywhere else.
  14. by   BrightLPN
    Hi Everyone -

    I am working on finishing up phase 2 of ISU LPN to BSN program to meet the June deadline for Fall admission. So far, I like it a lot. I am a bit nervous with how clinicals are going to factor into everything (studying, working full time, ect.) Is anyone else on this thread looking to apply to ISU for Fall 2013? Or is anyone else here in VA applying for the Fall 2013? If so feel free to message me or friend add me. Thanks! :