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Indiana State University Question

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Hi Guys,

I had a few questions regarding the 4 CSM’s binders for ISU. I already have the four binders in hand. I was hoping some of you that have already completed the binders can answer a few of my questions please:

1) Once you are ready to take the test, do you take the test online? I thought I read that you can access it on the ISU blackboard.

2) How much did it cost to take each test?

3) Are the tests difficult to pass?

4) Any advice; study habits that you can recommend? I see that there are practice tests at the end of each binder. Any information is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help, SoonSurgery

You take the test online, but you have to be somewhere such that a proctor is available. In my case, I took it at a state university close to my house and paid a $40 fee for proctoring services.

There is a form that they will send to you once you sign up to take the test.

As for how hard or easy it is will depend on your general nursing knowledge of these topics. The 2 that are kind of tricky are the Pediatric & Adult (med surg) nursing, but they are not impossible -- you just have to read questions very carefully and pick the most correct answer.

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forgot to answer the other questions

Some people have prepared for the tests without using the study modules at all and have been successful. They just found the areas in texts and studied on their own.


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