What Student Nurse externship is best/pays most?

  1. Hello! I am currently a senior at Ball State and I will be graduating in December. I am wanting to get a Student Nurse Extern position for the spring so that I can get experience in the neonatal/OB and then when I graduate have a position. I am really uncertain as to which hospital would be the best fit as I have heard good things about all of them around the Indy area. I live near Fortville, and am wanting to either go to Community North, Methodist, or St. Vincent Carmel. If anyone has any idea how much SNE's make and then as a graduate nurse that would be great. Though money is important, I want to really enjoy where I am working, so if anyone has had good experiences at any of these hospitals and gets paid decently please share!! Thanks. It is so hard to believe my schooling is coming to an end and I will be a nurse. I really can't wait!!!:spin: Anyway, I would appreciate the help. Thanks.
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    I graduated from Ball State May 2006 :spin: I work at St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital. I know some people I graduated with worked at Methodist in NICU and L&D during school. It would probably be best to call the recruiters for the places you are interested in. They would be able to tell you when they hire SNE's, etc. I think St. Vincent hires most SNE's during the summer but I'm not positive.