Waiting list for Ivy Tech?

  1. Hey everyone!
    Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a waiting list at Ivy Tech (sellersburg), if so, how long?
    I still have to take pre-req's, but if it is really long then I'm just going to try to get into a private college, like Galen or spencerian....Thanks!
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  3. by   wannabanrnin2012
    Ivy Tech doesn't have waiting lists. They mostly use a point system for determining who gets accepted into their nursing programs and who doesn't. The points are awarded based on grades achieved in ANP 101, ANP 102, PSYCH 101, and ENG 111, along with an adjusted TEAS score. As far as your classes are concerned, you get the most points from your ANPs (30 pts possible for each), and the second most points from your PSYCH and ENG courses (15 pts possible for each). An A in the ANPs is worth 30 pts, a B 20, a C 10; an A in PSYCH/ENG is worth 15, a B 10, and a C 5. So, for your classes you can get a total max possible of 90 pts. The points you'll get from your TEAS test will be garnered by taking your individual subsection scores (English, Reading, Math, and Science) and multiplying them by .25, .25, .20, and .30, respectively. After you do that multiplication, you'll add those products up, and that will give you the points you'll be given for your TEAS exam. The total possible points you can get from the TEAS is 100. So, the total possible points max overall that anyone can get is 190.

    Now, earlier I said that they mostly use the point system for determining an applicant's eligibility. The other criterion that they use that doesn't involve the point system is an applicant's achievement of a C or better in a math class that is numbered 130 or higher. Most people seem to choose MATH 136 to satisfy this requirement. I would actually suggest not taking 136, primarily because if you want to go on to get your BSN, a lot of 4 year institutions require Finite Math, which is Ivy Tech's MATH 135.

    So, there ya have it: Ivy Tech doesn't have a wait list, they have a merit based system based on points and passing a math class with at least a C. A person only has to wait as long as it takes him/her to finish the prereqs.
  4. by   loulou55
    Thank you very much for the information! Awesome!