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  1. Is anyone familiar with the nursing program at Valparaiso University? I'm currently taking prereq's at Ivy Tech Valpo, but saw that VU has an accelerated BSN for students who have some significant transfer credits (without having to already have a bachelors). That would be ideal as the VU program (if I got in) would actually take less time than getting my Associates. I'm wondering if VU would take science credits from Ivy Tech as obviously it would be much cheaper to take those there.

    I have an appointment with the dean but it's weeks away and I'm anxious to know something (anything)!
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  3. by   gymmom125
    Im not sure about the details of thier programs, but I know that they have a program that if you get your associates RN from Ivy tech you can transfer to them for your bsn at Ivy tech prices. Im hoping thats still available when I finish.
  4. by   nikicole
    So...I'm responding to my original post, but I got more info from the school and thought it might be of interest to people in NW Indiana.

    For my background...I have about 80 credits completed from another college in a different subject area from 10 years ago, but no degree. Valpo U will accept those credits and I qualify for the accelerated BSN they offer (unlike most accelerated BSN programs, you do not have to already have a bachelor's degree).

    Believe it or not, I can graduate in exactly TWO years with a BSN from Valpo U (two semesters completing their prereqs as I need chem, micro, a&p, and 15 months--summer to summer--in the actual nursing program). Ivy Tech only accepted one class from my former school (that doesn't even count toward the program), so it will take me no less than THREE years to get my ADN.

    How does that make sense!? I think I'm going for the Valpo U program. It costs A LOT more, but I'll actually come out even once I figure in lost wages from having to be a full-time student 15 months vs. 22 months. Plus, I had planned to eventually get my BSN and MSN, so this shaves quite a bit of time and money off there too!
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    Hi nikicole

    I realize this thread is from 2008.. but in case if anyone is reading. How is the ABSN program at Valpo? I'm about to start in May and wondering how fast the pace is and what I should expect.