University of St. Francis in Fort Wayne

  1. I did not have enough time to check out USF before the fall semester but would like to consider them for the upcoming semester.

    Does anyone know how their system is set up to gain entrance into the nursing program? Is it based on overall GPA or grades in certain classes?

    I am currently attending a school in which only 4 classes and the TEAS exam determines if entrance is granted -- and you must get all A's or there is no chance.

    Any feedback on USF would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   ErinRena
    I have heard bad things about St. Francis's nursing program. In fact, I was just in a discussion with a bunch of nurses the other day talking about how ridiculous their program is. A bunch of money for a two year wait to get into clinicals and hardly any hands on experience.

    Since you are in the Ft. Wayne area - and the four classs + TEAS score determines your acceptance - I am guessing you are attending an Ivy Tech?

    I am in he the RN program at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne - here Eng, Psy, AnP 101 and 102 all count as points as well as your TEAS score - here you do NOT have to have all A's as a requirement either. Not to put anyone's intelligence down or anything - but we typically accept lower GPA's here. In fact the cut off point of acceptance was only in the 180 range! That is considered pretty low compard to other Ivy Tech campuses.

    I really love this campus and the people here. We have great staff and students. I would recommend checking it out here! If Saint Francis is your top choice though, I wish you luck...
  4. by   tlwk
    I am a transfer student trying to get into the ADN Program at St. Francis, just took the TEAS today. I am told that the "point" system is different for New Students to College, vs Transfer Students. We will see how I stand in the next couple of weeks. The reason I chose THIS school, is because of IVY Tech's impossible wait list, I guess we will see about St. Francis.
  5. by   IndianaRN2011
    I don't know the difference in the "point system" for new vs. transfer students.

    I plan to attend part-time to complete a couple pre-req classes before being admitted to the nursing program on a full-time basis. Are you applying for pre-nursing or nursing?

    Anyways, I will start this spring and I'm very excited. I went to the orientation a couple weeks ago, registered for classes, talked with financial aid, etc. It was so organized -- so much different than some of the other schools I have looked at-- and it made me very comfortable with my decision to attend USF.

    Stay in touch and let me know how your process goes.
  6. by   tlwk
    All I know is that I just took the TEAS [on the 14th] and now all of my stuff goes to the Nursing Committee next week. I am suppose to know where I stand before Christmas, the bad thing about it, is that they haven't let me sign up for classes yet, and I bet a lot of them are going to be full for the Spring, if not closed. I haven't even gone to an Orientation. I guess we will see what happens.

    What classes are you taking this Spring?
  7. by   cuppwk01
    IPFW (Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne) has a very high caliber nursing program with passing rates in the high 90's to 100 percent. It's difficult to get into the program, though.
  8. by   tlwk
    Do you know what IPFW's requirements are for getting into their program?
  9. by   racing-mom4
    I just graduated from USF last December and passed my boards on Jan 23rd. I LOVED Saint Francis. I transfered over from Ivy Tech and even though you may pay more, I belive you get what you pay for. Also when it came down to it, I didnt have to pay that much more, USF is great at finding you scholarships and grants--they know they are expensive and they want to get paid, they will help you find a way , I got a transfer grant and an academic grant from them. The staff knows all thier students well, the counselors are amazing and I feel really have your best interest at stake. I never even know my couselor from Ivy Tech. Transfering to USF was the best choice I ever made.
    I felt like I did get alot of good hands on clinical time. Some semesters were more difficult than others, but nursing school as a whole is difficult. I have encouraged many people to look into USF and hope my own children will go there. I hope you give USF a chance---you will be happy you did.
    Best of Luck.
  10. by   IndianaRN2011
    Thanks, Racing-Mom4. I went to USF's nursing orientation in December and immediately knew that this was the nursing school for me.

    I am taking a few pre-reqs this semester and will take ANP either in the summer or in the fall. Then, I should be able to officially enter the nursing program in January, 09.

    If you have any tips for me, please feel free to share.

    I have started working on my "nursing package" with all the various immunizations, physicial, etc.

    Congratulations on your graduation! Did you start working at a hospital before your graduation? I'm just wondering when I can start looking for something in the medical field.
  11. by   racing-mom4
    Goal to achieve:
    You will be very happy with USF. I think they have a wonderful program. As far as I know everyone from my class that has taken thier boards has passed, most with the minimum quesitons.
    I started working as a CNA before I started my education. I started in the Fall and the summer prior I took a CNA class and started working at our local nursing home then moved over to the hosp. I just wanted to make sure before I put me and my family through the stress/joy of nursing school it is what I wanted to do, and I think the exp of being a CNA is high valuable.
    So I was start looking for a job now.
    I did transfer over to USF from Ivy Tech, so I already had my Algebra/English /Aand Ps and Psych pre-reqs done before I got there. You do have to take thier Micro as that didnt transfer for me, and you will need to take thier Patho and Pharm. I did one semester of thier pre-reqs full time before I started into the actual nursing program. The counseling staff there has to meet wtih you every semester to put your sched togather, some people may think that is a pain, but I think it is great as they really do help you to make sure you are not taking too heavy of a load, they really do want you to get through and complete thier program. They have one teacher Ms Middleton and all she does is help wtih Math and the lab, if you are struggling in any section they will find a way to help you. All of the nursing teachers out there will know your name and know about you and thier doors are always open. My Med Surge 1 teacher let me borrow a book of hers for a project in my MS2 class---they will proof your papers. They really welcome you like family.I am so excited for you. You will love USF.And I dont know your age, but the nursing classes are well mixed, we had fresh out of High School grads to Grandmothers and all in between. We had single moms, married moms, 20somethings who still lived at home. We did though only have a few men, but I think that is common through out.
    Best of luck-----
  12. by   Born2BANurse1
    I have a big problem, I was accepted in Itt Tech's nursing program in Indiana for Sept 2010. I just found out about St Francis universities ASN program. I never knew they had an ASN program. I wish I knew that before I got in at Itt tech because I would prefer USF due to their full accredidation. Itt Tech is so far only accredited through the Indiana state board of Nursing. They are seeking the NLNAC accredidation, however, they have to graduate the first class and see how the do on their boards. Man what do I do. I am supposed to start school Sept 14th?

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