took the nclex twice and failed please help

  1. Dose anyone know of any nclex classes I could take I went to lpn school in OH an im getting ready to relocate to Indiana please help
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  3. by   HelloKittyRN
    Did you try the Kaplan course? They have an actual 2 day class you attend and they guarantee you to pass. You should check them out on the net. Also, do you use NCLEX books to study with? Some come with CD's and I used those. They seemed to really help. Hope this info helps you. Good luck!
  4. by   suzanne4
    Unfortunately, not everyone passes with Kaplan. They state that they will refund you r money if you do not but some have ahd issues with trying to get their money back.
    I passed using several methods. I took a four day prep course, studied the Springhouse and Saunders Q & A. I used Saunders with my LPN and RN tests. You can order those online from Exselvier books. Hope this helps.
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