St. Elizabeth School of Nursing (Indiana)

  1. received this e-mail after i wrote to the admission department regarding this school. my question is, after reading this would you attend this school. it seems nice, but the overall graduation rate seems low. is this normal.

    this is what they wrote back:

    st. elizabeth school of nursingis a 4-year bsn nursing program affiliated with saint joseph's college inrensselaer.
    you may visit our web site at
    diploma program is hospitalbased, hands on clinical nursing focus. we preserve that tradition and haveadded the bsn degree to the diploma, so we have a 4-year diploma/bsn nursingprogram

    above a 2.0 gpa (admission)

    take about 90 students each falland about 30 each january. of those 90 , 45 will graduate in that cohort. about89% will pass the nclex as first time passers
    currently we are acceptingstudents for fall 2013. we have a rolling admission, so if you are interestedyou should apply now, because when fall 2013 fills we roll to january of 2014.
    we do an entrance exam for allincoming nursing students. currently it is a determiner of areas of concern andremediation is available to get you to the level you need to be to besuccessful in our program. we do not utilize the entrance exam asadmission criteria, just a requirement

    we are not a prerequisiteprogram. you take sciences along with humanities and nursing classes.
    if you have a previousbachelor's degree, the program is 23 months. if you have completed humananatomy and physiology i and ii, microbiology, general chemistry, statistics(200 level or above) and spanish i, those all would come in for transfer creditif you earned a grade of c or better. you can take the courses with us, butwould require traveling to the saint joseph's campus in rensselaer 4 days/week.the first semester of nursing courses are on the saint joseph's campus inrensselaer. if you have a previous bachelor's degree you will have credit forall of our core classes (1,2,3,4,7,8,9) but do have to take core 10 with uswhich is medical ethics.

    tuition is the same instate orout of state currently about $8100/semester (goes up about 4% each year)

    clinicals are 6-7 hrs ontuesdays and thursdays or fridays, lectures are mondays and wednesdays thefirst semester and mondays and fridays the other semesters. clinicals occur inabout a 60 mile radius around lafayette: indy, logansport, lebanon, crownpoint, rensselaer, crawfordsville

    grading: clinical is pass failand is included in the course grade. if you have an a in theory and are failingclinically, you fail the course. you must have a minimum of a 75% exam averageto pass the course.

    if you have furtherquestions/concerns please contact me


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    since posting this, the admissions has changed. Starting Fall 2015 they will require TEAS test and compute your test grade with your gpa. Also, they have recently raised the minimum to pass the classes. It used to be a 75% it is now a 80%. I currently go here so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask
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    I am researching this program and would like feedback from someone who's been there. Any information would be helpful.