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I dont know much about this program, other than it is brand new. Another student was telling me about a class MedTech was going to have to teach nursing school entrance exam prep. I had forgotten... Read More

  1. by   CantWait2Nurse
    Im sorry I may have worded my post all wrong I was rushing because I had to go to work. All I was saying was I am 22 now and I dont have any kids and I would like to go ahead and knock school out in the next 2 years before my life gets complicated with husbands, babies, diapers, no study time, etc so I want to on the quick path to success. With my experience at Ivy Tech quick is not something you can accomplish there, and I was saying I would rather spend the extra money and be done with school than wait it out and save the money. I do agree with you about if you want something bad enough you will wait as long as you need to. That is the truth!!! But at the same time I dont wont to be graduating from Ivy Tech when Im 27 or 28 vs. 23 or 24
  2. by   LisaLPN1966
    I was just reading your comments on schools and thought I would throw out there some info about Vincennse University Jasper Campus. I went there a total of two years. First year was getting my pre-reqs and the second year I was accepted into the LPN program. :-) To me that is fast! I worked hard and was persistant at getting into the program. Sometimes you had to knudge a few people to get on the ball and to let them know you were serious about your goals. Of course they want you to go for your RN, but there is always transitions to RN. I know this year they are short on enrollment in the Transitions classes. I passed my NCLEX-PN the first time around and all but 1 of my classmates have passed. So if that tells you anything the teachers know what they are teaching out there and YOU WILL SUCCEED! :wink2: It is a small campus and you get to know people well while you are there and it is like a family and everyone there are there to help you become a good nurse! Well anyway, I Hope this has helped someone in going to get their nursing, GOOD LUCK!:caduceus:
  3. by   new_mom26
    Hi. Just wanted to let you know that I actually have not got my application fee back.. I found out on August 31st that I did not get into the program and I called and talked to the director.. She told me that my application fee would be mailed back to me within 2 to 4 weeks.. So, its now September 28th and still no refund.. I'm too scared to call and ask to speak to her b/c she said some pretty awful things to me on the phone.. I guess this was an expensive $50 lesson..
  4. by   gods_gift
    I graduated from Olympia College which is now Everest College and it is expensive. However, it is a 12 month program and there is no waiting list if the price doesn't deter you. I applied for school in November of 2006 and started in January of 2007. I graduated in January of 2008 and passed the NCLEX in February so it is possible. I am now pursuing my BSN thru the LPN-BSN program offered by the college network and you are right, the credits don't transfer, however they do count if you are doing a bridge program so don't count it out! Keep rockin!