MedTech Nursing Program

  1. Enrolled into the ASN Nursing program at MedTech which begins June 29th. Just wanted any info as to what I should expect. How are the quarters, financial aid, clinicals in general? Are you assigned to a hospital close to you or are you given what is available. Any info would greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   MyschelT
    Did you go to one of their information sessions? I went to one last summer I believe it was, and I must say I would not recommend their program based on the information I received.
  4. by   krogers45
    Yes, I went to an info session and was very hesitant at first but I also spoke with some of the students that are currently enrolled in the ASN program and they had very good things to say about it. I didn't want to waste anymore time waiting on getting into the ASN program at IvyTech (which is where I am coming from). Hundreds apply and there are only 120 spots available for the ASN/LPN programs. It is VERY expensive at MedTech, but I am looking to get into the field as soon as I possibly can.
  5. by   candyjal
    I am going to an info session next week... just wondering what I should look forward to. How much is it going to cost? Am I going to feel like I should keal over and die? LOL I am soooo ready to start an RN program.
  6. by   kgle
    I'm not a fan considering their credits don't transfer. That's a LOT of money to spend and not be able to move onto BSN or MSN

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