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  1. by   Camishy
    Hello there I'll be starting in August however,
    Do you know anywhere I could possibly take an online theology class in the summer before the August start date.
    Marians theology class is $1000 that's crazy for just one class
  2. by   Pilolo
    Exactly! That's one of the quirks with the program. I had to take theology 1 and 2 WHILE taking other heavy classes. To better understand this, I have Fundamwntaks of Nursing, Dosage Calculation, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology final exams 5/1 through 5/4. Nonstop. However, they scheduled my first theology class to start 5/1 (the same day I have final). This is completely inept- for lack of a better term.
    Funny enough, I was told 3 of my prerequisites from a previous degree had expired. I retook them before the nursing program started. No one told me of the theology classes. Good thing you know before August. I don't know where you'd take 'em, though. Check portage learning online.

    Good luck. Other than the many money-sapping quirks you'd soon find, it's easy work.
  3. by   Camishy
    1) if you know the things you know now about the school would you still recommend it or make the same decision to join the school.

    2) since its online, are their any possibilities I could work maybe as a CNA on the weekends or something?

    3) is there some kind of program that helps you find roomates? I'm moving from California.

    4) everyone keeps mentioning how beautiful the "main" campus is. Do we not take any classes at this beautiful main campus

    5) do I have to move with my car from california? Can I use public transportation for clinicals
  4. by   Pilolo
    Ok. I'll start by making it clear that I'm in Nashville. Lol

    I want to be a nurse. I worked as a petroleum geologist for years. If not this program, I'll still do a similar program. I would not vouch for this program. <~ my opinion.
    I know a couple who work. At least 2-3, full time ( since they need to keep their tuition reimbursement) a few are part time. Don't know if any job placement programs.
    Again, if in Nashville, you WILL need your car.
  5. by   alohamel

    I am currently looking into Marian's ABSN in Nashville. I would be coming from Hawaii.
    My background is in Health IT & Training (EMR's, reporting, etc..)
    Some questions I have for current / prospective students are the following:

    • What is the best way to finance a 2nd BSN? (Tuition, rent, etc...)
    • Is Marian's Financial Aid Dept Helpful?
    • Did you have to take out any private loans?

    • Has anyone completed the Anatomy/Physio, Micro, & Chem through MAP?
    • Has anyone completed ALL prereqs from MAP?
    • After complete MAP prereqs did you successfully get into ABSN program? or were you wait listed?

    • Is the program adequately preparing you for a nursing career?
    • Do you have time for a PT job while completing clinical's and online work ?
    • Are the clinical rotation staff helpful? Do they communicate well?
    • What are the PRO/CONs of the program in Nashville.

    Any feedback helps. I am looking to take most Prereq courses through MAP and any insight into the program will help influence my decision on pursuing a BSN through Marian.
  6. by   alohamel
    Hi Pilolo,

    Please look at my post below, any thorough insight into the program is extremely helpful.
  7. by   taylor.callen11
    This was so helpful. Thank you! I do have a question. What is your opinion on maintaining a part time job during the course?
  8. by   JennaAnn23
    I will be starting the program this Monday! Super excited and loving how everything is going so far. If anyone has any questions, please ask

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