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If you're interested in pursuing this program, beware that you are going into a program that will leave you scratching your heads as to how unorganized it is. Course content in pathophysiology and... Read More

  1. by   forgop
    Here's my take (and this is coming from someone who just completed the OA BSN program May 2012)-

    I would only advise entering the online program if you have absolutely no way of doing it on campus. My cohort started with 23 students and a year later, the cohorts tripled in size. In my experience, the online instructors did a poor job of putting together course material and grading in a timely fashion for 23 students, let alone when trying to put 72 students into the program each term now.

    I can't speak for the quality of IUPUI's program, but if you can boast a 3.8+ GPA for the pre-reqs, I would try for that first. It's roughly half the price, so that's the huge perk there. I can't help but think the IU Health network offers a lot more space for clinicals compared to St. Vincent Hospital. When I started at Marian, all you had to have was the minimum of a 2.8+ GPA to get in because they wanted bodies in the program. Now that they're filling the cohorts, I don't know how much that cutoff has gone up or not.

    Most of the instructors were not the creators of the course content (powerpoint presentations/audios/etc-if there were any), so most of what they did provided absolutely no value to the class. You could certainly email the instructors if you had difficulty with the material, but whether they bothered to respond, and if so, whether it actually facilitated any learning, is an entirely different story.

    Nursing school is what you put into it and if you're completely independent upon facilitating your learning experience, go for it. However, if you are the type of person that wants to ask questions along the way to help you get it, this is not the program for you. The online program is still a better choice than the Ivy Tech's, MedTech's, Harrison, Fortis, and all of these other no-name programs out there. (If you don't believe me, look at all of the RN jobs now requiring BSN or stating from an accredited school. There are plenty of Ivy Tech ASN from the Dec. 2011 class who are still looking for full-time RN jobs). But in terms of the value of what you get for $50k (online vs on-campus), I think the on-campus will provide you a much better learning experience.

    I won't even get into how much of pain it was to get clinical schedules finished before the class began for my class size, let alone when they're scheduling 72 students.
  2. by   forgop
    Quote from Bidisha
    I am also looking into Marian's online ABSN for St. Vincent Health. My question how competitive is it to get into the program? In other words, I don't have straight A's on my pre-reqs, so do they expect their students to straight As when it comes to pre-req grades?
    No idea how competitive it is now with the cohorts being full, but when I started in Jan 2011, it was the minimum 2.8 GPA. If it's not full, they'll take you. They have no problem accepting you, taking your money, and allowing you to flunk out. The program is evaluated on NCLEX first pass rate, not how many start and flunk out.
  3. by   yesterdayschild
    forgop thanks for the info!
  4. by   yesterdayschild
    does anyone know if you're allowed to switch to the on campus accelerated from the online accelerated during the program if you have problems with the online format? I feel like i've read something about switching on the marian website..
  5. by   Bidisha
    Hi there,

    I just read your reply. I am not sure yet if I am going to pursue the online program or not because I still haven't neither replied nor have been accepted into the program. However, I am very thankful to you for being so honest about your review.

    My only other question to you is despite the challenges you have as a student, have you been able to get through NCLEX? or do you feel prepared enough take the NCLEX?

    Also, are people finding employment after graduating?

    Thank you very much in advance!
  6. by   forgop
    Yes, you may transfer from online to main campus because I strongly considered doing it. I was told that once you switch to main campus, you can't switch back. No sure how truthful all of it was though.
  7. by   forgop
    Honestly, most of us haven't done very well on the diagnostic Kaplan exams that I know of that we take in our final semester. You also take a Kaplan exam in most courses throughout that vary in level of difficulty. While I don't feel fully prepared to take the NCLEX now based upon my Kaplan scores this far, you are enrolled into Kaplan for about 25 hours worth of NCLEX test review strategies. If you follow their plans, the pass rate is very high. I heard from some that had they taken this course at the start of the program, they would have done much better in the program.
  8. by   Bidisha
    Thank you sooo much for being so honest! I really appreciate it. I am from California, so I don't have much idea about the reputation of Nursing programs out in Indiana. However, programs here are very impacted, which is why I am considering the out of state option.

    I am just being curious, what is the employment scenario? are people getting jobs after graduating from the program?

    Thanks a lot!!

  9. by   forgop
    There were 3 people in or cohort from California-2 are moving back, 1 is staying. Many of us have jobs already. My recommendation is to get a part time or supplemental tech/student nurse job after your first semester. Makes you that much more desirable when you're ready to start interviewing. I think 1/3 to 1/2 have offers and several more with multiple interviews I believe. There are a handful of places around here with nursing programs that are just associates programs or aren't even accredited, thus making Marian grads all the more desirable.
  10. by   Bidisha
    I am so thankful to you for all the information you have provided so far! Since I don't know anyone first hand as a graduate from the program, it has been a great help to get an overview of what to expect. However, I have one more quick question, and that is after graduating from the program, do I get a transcript, which says that the courses were offered online? Or do I receive a transcript that would validate the courses as the on campus program? The only reason I am asking is because I would want to pursue a MSN degree further, and I am just apprehensive if grad schools would accept the online course format or not?
  11. by   forgop
    There's nothing that distinguishes on your transcript whether you're an online student or not. The course numbers are the same. In fact, the pinning ceremony is combined with on-campus traditional and accelerated students. The program has great potential. It has a new director and I think that will help a lot. Just set your expectations low and be very surprised if they make improvements.
  12. by   Bidisha
    Thank you very much for all the information! Really appreciate it. I will surely look into applying to the program, and see how things go from there!
  13. by   yesterdayschild
    another question, what is the on campus/clinicals schedule like for the first semester? i'm trying to find out if it would be possible for me to go on any sort of vacation in september of my first semester. (by planning around clinicals.. i.e. taking a long weekend, etc)