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okay, i just heard that once you are accepted into valpo's rn program the advisor's choose your schedule,not you. is this true? i also heard your day begins at 7am? what happens to people who have... Read More

  1. by   angelnurse80
    Quote from matilda123
    I applied for spring of 2008 but did not get accepted because my unofficial transcript did not show a grade for psychology, so they did not go check the files ( in the next room) they just passed me by. So I took the rest of my co reqs and re applied for spring 2009. I was devastated to not get in back in 2008, but now realize it was best for me to get all pre and co reqs done before the program. I had all I could handle with the nursing classes!!
    oh while, I am sorry that happened to you, I guess the only good thing that came out of it is that u were able to finish all of the coreques and prereques, right. well I am not sure if I should apply for spring or not. I am done with all of my prereqs. but not sure what to do. scared of the tease test but I figure with prayer all things are possible. I have to take m118 and english 2 or exposition class, bcause when I finished with my prereqs in 2005 I did not need those courses but now i do, a bomber!!!!!!!! I guess I will take them in the fall. Do u know what the highest scorer or lowest accepted score was for 2008 class? Thanx for all of your support.
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    Quote from studentnurse61
    I will be applying in Spring of 2010 ror the nursing program at Valpo. When did you apply for the nursing program? Right now I am taking Speech and English Comp III. In the Fall I am going to take Math 118, IVYT 103, and Exposition and ? Then I will be going into the nursing program without having to worry about the pre-requs.
    what is ivyt 103?