Ivy tech lpn to Rn transition 2018

  1. Hi Iam currently an lpn applying to the lpn to rn transition program for summer 18. I took my teas 6 test today and Iam VERY nervous I only scored a 70 (ddnt study much) with B's in all pre reqs and didn't give myself enough time for attempt 2. Would love to hear from any other nursing students applying for summer start!! I have 110 points in total.
    I doubt that will be enough to be competitive. I plan to retake the teas and apply for fall.
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  3. by   Jordynki1414
    I didn't score well on my TEAS. I have 2 As in the pre reqs. I just applied also. Hopefully for the transition it'll be enough for us to get in
  4. by   Ricole85
    What campus?
  5. by   Bgreateful
    Hello all
    I have a total of 112 hopeful it will get me in. I refuse to retake classes.
  6. by   Ricole85
    What campus are u applying?
  7. by   Nursecathy0404
    Which campus
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  8. by   Ricole85
    Crown point
  9. by   Finallydidit
    Applied to Fort Wayne 124/160 Not many people seem to be on here so hopefully there isn't much competition for spots
  10. by   Ricole85
    My thoughts exactly! I'm hearing the transition program is not as competitive...
  11. by   Lawgirl14
    Hello All!

    I am applying to Valpo and Crown Point with a total of 124.88 points. I didn't get in last year so I retook a couple of classes so I'm praying this score will do it. Next week we start getting emails so good luck to everyone!!
  12. by   Ricole85
    What was your score last year?
  13. by   Nursecathy0404
    Same here. Applied to the Crown Point Campus with only a 118. I have 1 A and 2 B's. I took the teas test on the last day which was a mistake. Should of gave myself enough time to take it again. Hopefully that will get me in. Maybe I should of applied for the Valpo campus as well. I heard they send out acceptance letters/emails around the 9th of February. Good luck to everyone.
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  14. by   Lawgirl14
    I believe it was low like 109.