Ivy Tech Fall 2017 RN Students

  1. I figured I would create a thread for all of the newly accepted nursing students at Ivy Tech.
    I was just accepted into the Lafayette region.
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  3. by   Mtambala
    I just accepted ASN program at Kokomo campus. That was my third choice. It is almost an hour drive.
  4. by   NursingStudentD
    Oh wow, I know it's going to be tough to make that drive everyday. Just keep in mind that it is going to be so worth it in the end. The only other choice I can think of is to decline the offer and retake your TEAS or one of your prerequisites to try and get a higher overall score and maybe apply again next year to the school that is closest to you.
  5. by   jabr219
    Congrats! I will be applying next year to Lafayette (first choice), may I ask what your grades/scores were like? (Or others that you may know of, if you don't want to use yours), so that I know what to aim for? I have most, if not all of my pre-req's completed, just want to retake anatomy to raise that grade a bit.

    Thank you!
  6. by   Leadkrm
    Congratulations all. It's a hard program and I don't mean academically. The time commitment is the hardest part for sure. I'm about to start my 3rd semester in Lawrence. Wish me luck
  7. by   37changes
    Congratulations to all who've made it ~ and I hope we have a group continue to post here. I've had a "hopeful" thread going for some time now... but I guess I'm not "hopeful" anymore -- I'm doing it!

    Leadkrm, I hope you'll continue to pop in here, as always, and share your experience with us. It's so beneficial to talk to those who are a little further down the road.

    I'll be taking Pharmacology, all of the first semester nursing classes & clinicals, along with Chemistry online. So after August 21 -- I probably won't be back to post until December. haha... o_o