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  1. Anyone else attending Ivy Tech in Evansville
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  3. by   Franksters
    I am actually a nurse manager of a MS floor that provides clinical experience to IVT students. I gotta tell ya, you have picked a great program!! The RN students we employ from IVT are super!! They fly much sooner than the others. Good Luck!! Look us up when you graduate! CMH
  4. by   cassioo
    I went to IVT when it first started it's ADN program and I think my class came out well prepared (better them lots of places) I was happy with them then went on to USI for the BSN
  5. by   beverly j
    samclaug, where are you with your studies at Ivy Tech? Iam currently taking my prereqs atb USI, long story... but planto apply to ASN program at IVY Tech in April 09
  6. by   samclaug
    berverly j,
    I just finished my second semester this spring. It has been a great experience for me but unfortunately I am moving and IM not going to be able to finish the program at Ivy Tech. I am looking to transfer to a local community college when I move and it looks very promising. But as far as Ivy Tech goes, the program has some really great instructors! If you have any questions just let me know!!
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  7. by   beverly j
    I do have a question. What did you pass the TEAS with and did you receive all A's in your prereqs and, if you think I could CLEP out of Eng 111 or do they want you to have a grade in order to weed me out. I can transfer my credits from USI, those will be ANP1 & 2 and Math. I had planned to CLEP Eng but now I'm thinking that IVY tech might want you to have a grade instead. I HAVE to take Psych at IVY because I'd taken it once before and failed. I was told to retake it there to make it look better on my transcript. Thanks for allowing me to ask questions, I've been wondering how to get some straight answers from people who actually don't mind to talk to you.
  8. by   beverly j
    I also would like to know how does one study for the TEAS, I bought the book from ATI and I'm a little stumped on th biology section. I had biology before but it didn't seem that difficult 10 years ago.
  9. by   samclaug
    beverly j,
    Hey as far as the teas goes I ended up with a 91 on my third try. Then on prereqs I had two As in generals and 2 Bs in anatomy. As far as clepping out make sure you talk to an advisor, they are the only ones that know the answer on that one. The way I sudied for the teas was just to read through the book. I went ahead and took the teas early so I could see were my big problem areas were. once I found my trouble areas I went through picked out the key info in the books and wrote it on notecards. Its really about finding the best study method for you. And let me tell you what has worked for you might not work for nursing school. Its a complety different world in nursing school. I actually already have a bachelors degree in social work but this has been the hardest thing I ever have done in my life. I have done well in all my clinicals getting As but theory has been a different matter. Ive passed but its been hard. A suggestion for you is to get a NCLEX review book that also outlines the information and to work the questions. Nursing school tests are like nothing else and its really a new way of thinking about things that you have to learn. Also review your body systems because you have to have those down pact before you can start fundamentals and conditions. Any other questions?
  10. by   samclaug
    beverly j
    also start working on dosage calculations. this is the book we had to buy [color=#003399]dosage calculations: a ratio-proportion approach by rn, edd, gloria d. pickar
    i dont know if its the same one they will use for you or not but its a really good book that i still refer back to all the time. you might try buying a used one on ebay or amazon.