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  1. Hi everyone, I've been hearing things about an ASN - BSN pod program at IUK. Does anyone have any info or experience with this program?

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  3. by   SchoolRN,BSN

    Dr. Nancy Schlappman is the pod program coordinator. When I talked with her, I understood the program length to vary depending on whether or not you have the gen ed coursework completed. It is three pods of nursing classes with a certain number of other credit hours to round out the bachelors degree. Some can do the pods straight through, others take a bit more time to complete the additional courses.
    Pods start in summer & meet one night a week. Classes are lumped together as a professional courtsey for the working nurse. I think she said they are currently meeting from 5-8 or 9 on Thursday evenings.

    Check with the nursing office at IUK for more information. Campus phone number is 765-453-2000.
  4. by   smoo

    Thanks for the info. I just recently heard about this from a nurse friend. Currently I am in the LPN-RN transition, so why I am even thinking about another year of school, I don't know!!... You would think I would be miserable enough as it is. lol I will look into more once I graduate this program


  5. by   SchoolRN,BSN
    You're welcome!

    I am in the ASN program now & plan on going straight into the pods next May. Maybe we'll be in the same class
  6. by   KacyLynnRN
    I love, love, LOVE this program! I graduate with my BSN May 3rd (well, pinning is the 3rd...graduation the 8th) I have had an AWESOME experience, and would definitly recommend this program to anyone wanting to go back! You meet seven times a semester, on Thursdays from 3p-8p. Even if you don't live near Kokomo, you only have to drive there seven times a semester. There are no tests, just lots of papers but honestly it is not a horrible amount of work for the credit hours. If anyone has questions about this program, feel free to contact me at: [email]kacylynn@yahoo.com. ..but I HIGHLY recommend this program for anyone wanting to go back for their BSN!!!