1. Hi everyone! Well, the bad news was I was turned down for clinicals at Ivy Tech in Indy (close to home) BUT.... yesterday I attended the nursing information session at IU Kokomo, turned in my transcripts for review, and today I got a call asking me to come fill out their program admission form. The deadline for apps is Monday, so they asked if I could come in tommorow. I will be there with bells on!! I know in the big picture, means nothing, but I feel more hopeful that I will be attending clinicals in the fall. Hubby and I have discussed the added drive time, and I think we can cope.

    Anyone IUK grads out there? Did you like the program? Any issues?

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  3. by   phn92
    Good luck and I hope it works out for you! I did my prereqs at IU East in Richmond, so I don't have any info on the one in Kokomo. I was an LPN who went to Ivy Tech in Richmond for my ADN. This was the program that worked best for me. Again, Good Luck!
  4. by   ivnurse
    I drove 120 miles to go to classes at IU East in Richmond almost every day for 6 years between my ASN and ASN-BSN degrees. If you lkike the school the drive is not that bad. I drive to Kokomo three to four times a week now and it is not that bad.
    I chose IU East over all others that I applied due to the small class size and the Student to Instructor ratio. Drive to Kokomo and have a good career.