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  1. Hello All,
    My husband and I are thinking about buying a place and moving to the Plymouth, Indiana area. I am an LPN for almost 2 years now. Can someone PLEASE fill me in on the area? job availability? pay scales? etc.... also What about the weather? gen info about the area, the people, entertainment, schools...etc. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.
    Thanks a BUNCH!!!
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  3. by   veteranRN
    I work about 30 miles SE of Plymouth and love the area. I moved here about 17 years ago. I don't know the pay for an LPN but an RN is 17-20.00/hr. I think there are probably lots of LTC facilities in the area. Some of the hospitals even employ LPNs on the floors. Good luck
  4. by   SoonToBeNurse
    Thanks for the reply! I really can't work LTC...I burn out on that WAY to quickly!!!! I take the residents home with me!!!! I currently work in a VERY BUSY family practice, all computerized...and I really would like to stay in that area ( LOVE my job). Do you have any idea what office nursing might pay? How's the weather...I am SO southern! I'm almost afraid that I'd FREEZE up!
    Really, we are just trying to weigh all our options right now....
  5. by   SoonToBeNurse
    Help again....only 1 reply I can't believe it!!!! (NO sarcasm intended) but I thought between all of the people here...I'd be able to find out EVERYTHING! :hatparty:
  6. by   C_raye
    I suggest reading the classified ads in the South Bend Tribune on line This newspaper serves South Bend and all surrounding areas like Plymouth. Hope this helps

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