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  1. I know I am probably freaking out a little in advance but wanted to ask(Graduation in August 2017 from BSN program). I graduated from Ivy Tech Community College in 2015 with an Associates Degree in General Studies. I took my GED in 2006. On the Indiana State Board of Nursing Application is is asking me to submit records of having passed the GED. Yesterday, I contacted the Indiana education department to try and get the records and they was unsuccessful in tracking down the records. Also, I went online to which is where the place I took my test stated that their records are kept as well. This website also Told me they would get back with me in a few days.
    Wanted to ask you if there is anything you think I should do. My mind is racing and am freaking out if they don't find the records what happens? what does that mean for me? I didn't need them when I registered as a student with the nursing program my highest level of completion was a college degree. I have been in school total for 7 and a half years. I do not want this to hinder me getting a license. I can't contact anyone again until Monday. Didn't know if anyone in the community would know if I am unable to obtain these records what happens? Do I just submit my Associate Degree Records? Will I have to take the GED again?

    Needing some guidance, advice, help, lol anything please.

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    I wouldn't panic yet. Call Monday and see what they can do to help. I am sure there is proof somewhere, it just has to be found. Ivy Tech typically requires proof. Maybe contact them to see if they still have your documentation on file?
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    Actually, one of my retired Professors and I have been on this ever since. The company that I took my GED through transferred their records and when they were transferred all the information was entered by hand. The only thing they can think of is that someone entered my social security incorrectly. Attorney said the cheapest advise he can give me would be to retake the test. It is no longer a GED in the state of Indiana it is a TASC. Which I bought the book and even with me almost having 2 degrees feel this test is extremely hard. A lot of information that I have never learned in school or college. Also, Director of the Board of Nursing say that he can not guarantee that me retaking it will get me a nursing license in the state either. Said all I could do is try. May have to come in and explain to the board the situation etc.