I can not believe this

  1. I am moving to In to start nursing school there next year. I live IL and from I understand IN state dep of health I have to take that dumb CNA test all over again. I just took this test! I do not undstand why I can not just transfer my cna to this state this is so dumb.
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  3. by   Kidrn911
    I believe that is because each state have different quailifications for CNA's.
    Just curious, if you knew you were moving, why didn't you check it out before hand?

    BTW what school are you going to?

    My biggest pet peeve with illinois, was I went to school in Indiana, took the NCLEX in Illinois and they wanted a copy of my DD214 (military discharge). I lost my copy in the move, and the military lost the originals in the St. Louis Fire). Then Illinois was trying to deny me access for the test. It some how got resolved by the grace of God.