How much do YOUR scrubs cost?

  1. So, I have to admit: I'm a bit miffed about the fact that the Ivy Tech-Indianapolis' scrubs are as expensive as they are. I mean, I'm saving a butt load of money by going to IT as opposed to somewhere else, so w/e. But, I was just curious to see if the ~$65 price tag ($49 top, $16 bottom) is pretty standard across the board for nursing programs, or if IT-Indy's just decided to jack up the price of theirs for w/e random reason. lol.

    Also, I think that it would be very helpful for us (and possibly even future nursing students if this thread lasts that long) if we told where all we could get our scrubs from that would save us money.

    At IT-I, we have to buy the tops from the bookstore because they're specially made for the program. However, I saved quite a bit of money by getting the hunter green bottoms we're supposed to have from They're about six bucks cheaper/bottom there than they are at the bookstore. They have brown drawstrings instead of green ones like the bookstore's, but the drawstrings can just be tucked into the bottoms themselves if they're not already completely covered by the scrub top. So, I don't think that it'll matter.

    Anyone else?
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  3. by   absngirl
    At IUPUI you could by Landau scrubs from the bookstore or Scrubs and Beyond. I think the patch was $3 and the bottoms $18ish and the Top $20ish.
  4. by   cheesewhiz
    at Ivy Tech-Bloomington the scrub top, pants, badge, and name plate were $55 total (for 1 set). in our orientation session, they also gave us the scrub brand name/colors/barcode (or whatever it's called) so that we could purchase the exact uniform ourselves elsewhere if we wished.