How hard is it to get a job at Clarian?

  1. I've worked 5 years on med/surg and will be moving to Indy. I applied to two different positions at Clarian: one was post partum (which I realize I have no experience) and the other was med/surg. I applied 2 weeks ago. Is it competitive to get a job there? My references are excellent, I'm majoring in nursing, I have a good work history, I sent them a resume and cover letter, and I'm flexible, willing to work weekends.

    I just don't understand why I'm not getting a call.
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  3. by   obnurse2004
    Have you contacted Clarian Nurse recruitment? The number is 317-278-7565.
    If there are a lot of applications, it may take awhile for the Nurse Recruiter to call you. There is no harm in calling them. When I applied for my inital job at Methodist, I called the Nurse recruiter to check my status. I had a phone call on the same day asking if I could interview. Keep trying and don't give up! Clarian is a good network to work for.
  4. by   bethin
    Thanks! I'll call them Monday.

    I want to stay on top of these applications and make sure they know I'm interested. Ok, very interested.
  5. by   obnurse2004
    Glad I could help! Let me know any updates.
  6. by   bethin
    I have an interview on Friday for float pool at Methodist. It's not my first choice but it will allow me to learn different areas and I'll have my foot in the door.

    Thanks for all your help!
  7. by   obnurse2004
    I am very happy that you have an interview. Doing resource team would be good to see which areas that you like/don't like. Since you will be an internal employee, it might be easier to get a job down the road in an area that you might like. Clarian is a really good network, I think that you will like it.

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