Has anyone taken the CNA prep at IvyTech?

  1. Can you tell me your experience with it? Did you feel it prepared you enough to pass the exam for licensure?

    I am a pre-nursing student, already taking classes with a full pell grant for this year. I'm only signed up for 6 cr.hrs. with non-req. courses for the spring. If Iadded the CNA prep it would increase my Credit hours to 11. I wouldn't be sacrificing any req.classes to do the CNA prep. I'm wanting to try to work at least part-time to help out my family. I thought keeping in the medical field would be the way to go and hopefully give me an edge when my time comes for nursing school. I tried looking into classes through the local nursing homes with no luck.
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  3. by   WickedRedRN
    I am an Ivy Tech student, although I never went through their CNA program, I hear good things about it. I was eligible to sit for the state CNA exam after completing my first semester of Fundamentals. The instructor gave us a quick study session and was very helpful. Since we had completed fundamentals, we (the nursing students) did not have to do the skills check off. But the girls that were there said they were well prepared.

    Hope this helps! Good Luck
  4. by   wishNhopeNdreamN
    Thank you Lori for the response.
    Congrats on your upcoming graduation!!