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Hello All, Just to let you know, Harrison College has gotten NLN accreditation (thanks to my class!)!! Wahoo!... Read More

  1. by   hayesdelesha
    Hi. I'm a cna. & I'm strongly considering going to harrison to get my asn. Does anyone know how long it takes , going full time
  2. by   futureNP123
    As far as I can tell, Harrison College is a great option for people who have the money to pursue an expensive nursing degree and do not want to waste time competing to get into other schools. Even after using FAFSA and twenty-first century scholarship, i will have about $40,000 worth of debt when I finish there. I am greatful though because I went to IUPUI and there are 30,000 people who attend there, so just imagine having to compete to get into their nursing program! I believe that in order to even be considered for IUPUI's program, you would have to have a 3.8 GPA. My mom is in nursing and she said that she thinks that it is a good idea that I attend Harrison because many people spend years and years trying to get into a nursing program. I however don't like the idea of wasting time, I have a lot of schooling ahead of me and I don't want to prolong it.
  3. by   futureNP123
    if u are planning on going to Indianapolis-east campus the program is 21months
  4. by   futureNP123
    How was the atmosphere at Harrison? When I went for orientation it seemed very intense. Does the staff treat the students good?
  5. by   xojulia
    I got my MA degree at Harrison College and I love all the teachers and staff there. They are very nice and helpful. Now I want to go back to become an RN; the only problem is that Harrison only offers day classes . I don't know if I can go to school during the day, unless I find a job at an immediate care after hours OR my fiance suddenly becomes a manager at his company.. SIGH. So I'm looking at Fortis College, which I hear is accredited as well.
  6. by   jrm71589
    Harrison College is the biggest joke, I have ever invested my time in!!!

    PLEASE do not let them con you out of your money like they did everyone else!

    The nursing board just informed me they lost there accreditation!!

    I entered their RN programming not knowing this, and not he 34 credits I accumulated over three quarters, are pretty much for nothing!

    I went to Ivy Tech to sign into their Practical Nursing Program, and none of my credits will transfer because they are a non accredited institution. I was beyond pissed when I found out!

    I asked them before I ever signed up if they were accredited and if my credits would eventually transfer to Ivy Tech, and I was told yes, all throughout my registration process!

    PLEASE PLEASE do not give Harrison College your time, money, or effort, because in the end it cannot be applied to furthering you education.

    When you earn a degree from them, people are hesitant to hire you, because they even tell you they are a joke for a college!

    They denied me my money that was supposed to come back to me as a refund, because it was money that was left after everything was paid, they told me it's because I had a at the time 3 month old daughter!

    I then inquired as to why if I am not entitled to a refund, while I was getting paper work through my email to sign and initial for my funds to be released to my Harrison Higher One Account Card, but never received it. When I called and asked where these refunds were that were disbursed like this to me..1. $5025 2. $3059 3. $7854 and 4. $10963 and I got hung up on, and my concern and question never answered by anyone at the institution.

    I was told very rudely that the money was put towards loans and school expenses. I kept track of my loans and they totaled: $8025, and my loan amount to date is still the same, I told Harrison if my loan was paid off, why am I still getting notifications informing me of my loan deferment???? Again I was hung up on!

    They are shady as hell, please do not go there unless you want to be severely ****** over not only in earning a degree, the outrageously high cost of attendance, and not to mention the professors don't answer your questions until 3 weeks after the quarter ends, and you are in a new quarter with new classes!!!

    Just thought everyone needed to know about them!
  7. by   ORRN1228
    I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience. I went to Harrison and actually had a great experience. The only negative thing I would have to say is the cost. I have friends who went to Ivy Tech and had less than 8,000 in loans. My debt is over 40K. I had no problem getting into IU for my ASN-BSN, except some of my general classes didn't transfer. I just took them at Ivy Tech and then I was accepted into IU. Can I ask what accreditation Harrison lost? Was it the nursing accreditation or the regional accreditation they were working towards but didn't have yet?