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  1. I am moving to Indy and have been talking with an agency called General Healthcare Resources. Has anyone heard of them or have any experience with them? The lady I have been talking to seems very nice and the communication has been excellent. I have worked agency before so that's not a problem. She said they also have temp jobs and temp to perm. jobs, so I think I might go for that. Anyone have any experience with them or know someone who has? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks! :spin:
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  3. by   tammyRN64
    If you are talking to Heather, she's great! She was my contact person with a now "defunked" agency. She is dependable and can become a good friend. She will take care of you. Tell her Tammy said hello! :spin:
    Tammy S.
  4. by   ShortyLPN
    Thanks foryour reply! I'm so glad to hear that. Heather is going to be my scheduler I think. I've only talked to her once to tell her what I wanted. Did you get the hours you wanted and everything?
  5. by   tammyRN64
    Yes, Heather was good about calling me first for assignments when we worked together before. The agency she worked for covered the prisons I worked at. Since she has been at General I only worked a couple of times for her in nursing homes...............just got out of school last May for my RN and have been working full-time at a hospital, part time at the prison only. (Her agency no longer has the prisons, since our piece of #@*% governor privatized the prisons. That's a frightening story I won't go into.) Heather will take care of you. I still email her, and call her occassionally though. She's a great gal! Best wishes to you.:spin:

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