Does Ivy Tech allow auditing for nursing programs?

  1. I was just curious if Ivy Tech allowed a few days for auditing/sitting in on nursing classes. Rather than pick the Ivy Tech I live near as my preferred choice, I wonder if I should pick based on instructor teaching style/general "feel" of the program.

    Even though I've gotten all A's so far, I always seem to actually learn more and enjoy more from the instructors that are friendly, open, and care for the students--in addition to teaching the material--than I do from teachers that are aloof, material-only, and don't show much "personality". (Amazingly, this shows with online courses as well as face-to-face classes)

    Granted, I'm sure that all campuses have a variety of instructors with varied teaching styles, but I wonder if the general "feel" of the nursing program will tell me yay or nay.

    Anyone else thought this? Maybe I worry too much.
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  3. by   csab
    I don't know if they allow that, but it sure is an interesting idea!

    Hmm, I think you are the one who is in my online 102 class right now. If so, then I'm guessing you are talking about our prof for that class being 'material only' and no personality? That is how I feel about her. She is not very prompt with responding to messages either. I've sent her two (one on Sat, one yesterday) and neither has been responded to yet.
  4. by   BlindMouse3
    I was including that prof, but believe it or not, she's not the worst I've had.

    The worst one, I wondered if, for some odd reason.....she just packed up one day and went to Alaska, none of the students would have known until we didn't get our grades at the end of the semester. But, I've also had EXCELLENT professors. I wonder if it's simply a personality issue--I feel more comfortable in a friendly environment that allows/encourages expression and discussion. (It kicks in the perfectionist in me.) In a learning environment that is JUST material and logic....I have to fight my brain not to go "Eh, Whatever". lol I'm sure other students view the stuff I find a necessity as "extra junk" and "going off track".

    I have come to enjoy the DB's though......even though they're not interactive. At least we have some way to prove that we're actually reading!

    Have you taken the first big test yet? I'm gonna brave it when the little one goes down.
  5. by   csab
    I'm taking the test sometime soon. . . maybe in an hour or so. Then I have to quick read a pertinent section in the next chapter to do today's DB!

    I also think the DB's are okay. . . at least they make you really read and understand what ever topic you choose to do. At first I thought they were 'boring', compared to the ones I had to do last semester which required a lot more internet research, but now I'm kinda glad they are 'boring' because in this compressed format you don't have as much time to do the longer more involved DBs! Although, these ones do take some time even though they are mostly just rewording the textbook.

    My prof for online 101 last term was way more interactive and showed his personality a lot. I have a friend who is taking 102 online with a different prof and hers is very attentive and personable to their class.