Does Ivy Tech Math 118 transfer to IUPUI?

  1. Does anyone know if Math 118 will transfer to IUPUI in the future? I mean, if you get the ASN from Ivy Tech but then later go for the RN to BSN program at IUPUI, will 118 count for anything? The reason I ask is because on IUPUI's website, it shows Algebra/Trig Math 153, or Math 118 Finite Math, so I'm wondering if Ivy Tech's Math 118 isn't 'high enough' to count as math credit at IUPUI. Also, the nursing chairs at Ivy Tech said something at the info session about how you can take Ivy's Math 136 instead of 118 'if you want to go on for a BSN someday.' So that makes me wonder if 118 would count or would I end up taking another math class for a BSN someday.
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  3. by   wishNhopeNdreamN
    I'm planning on going on to IUK for my BSN after getting my ASN. When I was taking pre reqs I was told to take mat 111 by the nursing advisor because she said 118 wouldn't transfer. The next semester she asked me why I was taking 111. I said because you told me 118 didn't transfer. She then said oh, well it does now. Of course, IT is not taking mat 111 now.

    google transferIN and you will find some websites that will show which classes transfer between all colleges in Indiana.
  4. by   eric2123
    Yes, I have heard it does from an IUPUI recruiter.