APHY 101 Online?

  1. I'm new and have tons of questions!

    Is it crazy to think about taking Anatomy online over the summer? I realize it is a condensed summer course, but does this just make it impossible to tackle? I would hate to take it only to fail because I cant keep up. Plus, my guess is that you have to live Anatomy the whole summer in order to do well. I am trying to decide if I can keep that pace all summer. I wouldnt even consider it if it were not for the deadlines for admissions.

    Has anyone braved this one over the summer?

    Thanks in Advance!
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  3. by   matilda123
    I know a few who have taken it in the summer, but not online. I took A&P 2 in the summer, and it was difficult but not horrible. If you are committed and put in the study time, you should do fine.
    good luck
  4. by   is5512
    I took it over the Spring, condensing a delightful 16-week course into 8-weeks. Thought I was gonna die, but was afraid to because I thought the Prof might ask me exactly which cells died first and exactly which nerves served those cells. Living just seemed like the easy way out.

    Plus, the Prof told us after we'd registered that the Fail rate was something obscene. On the order of 90% or so. Indeed many of my classmates did fall out during the class, but went out whimpering quietly with the rest of us too busy to mourn their departure.

    Here was my rationale for taking it: It was too late to get into a "normal" class, and the chances were very good I would fail miserably. However, if I merely floundered, I could always repeat the course. And there was always the possibility however slim that I could get a decent enough grade to not hurt my chances in the race for the coveted ASN slot.

    Also, I read frequently on these fora about how brutal Nursing school is, and how they run you ragged, and they require you to go without sleep for 32-weeks at a stretch and then sacrifice a goat at midnite and write a report on it due the next morning, etc. I figured, "Let's find out right now if I'm tough enough."

    Up to you. Willing to roll the dice?
  5. by   CaptQuestion
    You make me laugh.... I am still confused, but I am now confused and amused!
  6. by   mommykelli25
    I am taking it this summer as well as 102. Crazy? OF COURSE, but I took 101 in the Spring semester and missed an A by 20 pts. The school course was only worth 600 pts and anything under 540 was NOT an A. That only gave us 60pts to miss on such a difficult class, so I thought "hell while it is fresh in my mind and i don't have to put quite as much focus on it, I'll get it over with."

    I already have the syllabus for both 101 and 102, and they are worth 1000pts each, 900+ is and A, so that gives me 100 more points. Whew. I am already studying and I think 102 will actually be better because it is more of the function of the body systems and I find that WAY more interesting. I already have the books, and both lab kits. The 102 teacher curves her tests and I only have 2 proctored tests w/each course, so the rest is opened book.

    What questions do u have? I think u can at least try it. It really is alot more memorization than anything. U learn the different cells, bones, muscles, ligaments, etc. Try ur best to figure out little techniques to help u remember.
  7. by   csab
    mommykelli, does your 102 syllabus say that you need course compass for anything specific for the class? My syllabus (out of Columbus) says it is needed to complete some parts of the class. I took 101 online and the only thing we did w/ course compass was practice activities and practice quizzes, but nothing that counted for a grade. I still have access to my spring 101 course compass, which includes the chapters to be done in 102. So, I really don't want to spend $80 on a new code for 102 when I might already have what I need in my 'old' 101 course compass. So I was wondering if your syllabus was more specific in telling you anything about if course compass activities would be done for a grade.
  8. by   mommykelli25
    yes, I had to buy it because we didn't use it in Indy for 101. But, she sent a seperate email explaining what to do and how to find it and the class code. i hope it gives us some grade for $80!
    Did ur code come with ur book or ur lab stuff?
  9. by   CaptQuestion
    My biggest hang up right now is timing... I would love to take the class, but I am worried about how demanding the time schedule will be. This would be my first class in many years. 95% of the summer is completely free, but there is that few days that are completely packed. I am not so worried about the studying. I am worried about assignments and tests.

    Can someone tell an "old lady" how these online classes are structured? Is the time line strict or is it more learn at your own pace with a few set deadlines?
  10. by   csab
    It is a week-by-week schedule. If you sign up for an 8-wk course, most likely you would have 2 chapters to read a week, do the labs, take two quizzes each week. Then, for the exams, there are 4. Two are at home but have to be done by a certain day (in my 10-wk class that already started, we have two days to take the exams after finishing the previous 'week') and two are at campus (proctored) that also have a deadline. In an 8-wk class the deadlines are going to be tighter. You can always email the prof of the course you are considering and ask if they can tell you ideas of due dates to see if it would work with your schedule. Most profs will give you some info before the course starts if you email them to ask.
  11. by   CaptQuestion
    I probably should just suck it up and wait....boo! That 4th of July week is going to be a bear for me. We have so much planned that I am sure that things will just not work out for actually accomplishing anything! I might email the prof and ask, but I would be nervous about that week.

    Thanks for the help on this one!
  12. by   davilynlovesdaniel
    I had ANP101 online and dropped it..there is no way I could learn everything I needed from an online class. I preferred the hands on approach..besides..it is VERY important to make sure your 101 and 102 are structured the same way or it might put you in a bind..just trying to help because I have been there