Anyone graduate from Olympia College LPN Program?

  1. I am looking for graduates of Olympia College LPN program in Merrillville IN. I am currently attending and was hoping to get some feedback about their experience and how things have gone (career wise) since graduation. That would be great.:wink2:
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  3. by   nalst
    I graduated in April. Passed the NCLEX, Things are good, I was hoping to find a job in a hospital but so far no such luck. All the hospitals that i find out here(IL) only hire RN's ( which i hope to be getting soon). You won't really have a problem finding a job, just do research on anly place you choose to work, and if you can speak to someone who already work there.
    (Learned a lesson the hard way)
    You will do great just remember every thing that they are telling you.