Anyone attending Marian college?

  1. Hi, new here and was wondering if anyone was attending marian college. I am a transfer student from ivy tech, and they have me signed up for A&P II, I have not taken A&P I yet, but the director of nursing said it didnt matter which i took first i would be fine. kinda nervous, just wondering which part of the body you studied first in A&PII? kinda wanna get a head start, because i have A&P II, microbiology, and algebra this fall, so my case load is big. thanks in advance for any help.
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  3. by   dawn1971
    My cousin is taking pre-reqs this fall at Marian, her advisor told her she MUST take A&P I PRIOR to A&P II, so I would double check that. I think she's also going to be taking Micro and alg.
    Good Luck!!!!
  4. by   chicksmom
    thats what i thought, i just figured she knew what she was talking about. LOL, oh well, i will just do my best, i have always done great in science and biology, very interesting to me and i have a 3.33 gpa, so im sure i will do fine if i take the extra time to study.