Always wanted to be a nurse

  1. So i have always wanted to be a nurse for almost as long as i can remember. i'm 23 this month and i hit a rough patch in school awhile back and i'm getting started back up. i'm planning on going for m LPN and then my RN but i'm getting worried, that maybe id like something else more. so many people here in IN talk about how the hours are insane and the pay isn't that great and just the negative. and its worrying me i have an almost 1 and half yr old and an adoring husband and having my degree would be great but i have to get a loan to pay for the schooling which means debt and that scares me what if i go and i hate the job but i still have that debt... i guess i really just wan to know from nurses here in Indiana WHAT IS IT LIKE? being a nurse in (northern) Indiana?
    i think id like to be a nurse for an office like.. pediatric or obgyn? i think i would like that more then a hospital bu id like to know all of them?
    Thank You!!!
    <3 Worry Wart
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  3. by   dreamer30
    Are you a CNA? If not maybe you should get it. Once you get that. Try to wrk in an LTC or Hospital. If you get your LPN you will most likely be work in an LTC as a new grad. Honestly I would just go straight for RN If you can..less debt.
  4. by   NurseEmmy
    In Northern IN LPNS have a lot of options - LTC, PDN, Hospice, Outpt MD offices, and corrections. Research your school and make sure you are chosing a quality education. Indiana has had some issues recently with the private/ for-profit schools. I do suggest starting out as a tech in a hospital or CNA in LTC. You can get an idea of just how tough healthcare is, and some employers may help cover the costs of you continuing your education. Good luck.