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Indiana job seeking


I haven't been looking long, so don't judge me, but I'd really like to be ahead of the game. I've been applying to jobs like CRAZY! I know there are a ton of new graduate nurses, so how do I get my foot in the door? I tried calling the hr of one place that I applied a week ago, and it just takes me to an automated message about if they're interested in perusing you, they will call. I hear about people waiting six months for a job, and I have a family to worry about, so six months is out of the question! So does anyone have any advice?! What can I do? Who can I contact? I'm a second degree student with a prior psych degree, so I have that much going for me...

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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Where in Indiana are you? In my hospital (Indy) there are VERY few new grad positions, most are going to grads who worked as students on the floors that have the openings. Additionally, the timeline to get hired is EASILY 2-3 months in most places.

And- not to be rude, just being honest here, your previous psych degree does not impact a hiring decision at all.

By the way I didn't mean to say student....I meant to say I have a second degree...I am a registered nurse!

I'm close to Indy. I am applying everywhere within a 30 mile radius basically. Night day, anything I have the minimum qualifications for. Most of the people I graduated with( all second degree students) are already employed, but I took the nclex a little later than everyone else. I just want to be on top of the game, so advice is most appreciated!