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I am currently working through a Home Health Agency working with a pediatric client and I HATE it. I love Peds but, I dont like this client family...they are strange characters. I would love to become an Independent Provider but, don't know how to go about it. I live in Ohio. Does anyone have any information on this type of work? I have heard of Care Star but, do not know how to contact them or where to begin. Thanks in advance for any information that anyone can give.



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I belong to the National Association of Independant Nurses, and recently got some info on providing services to the State of California from another member who does this type of work. What I found out is that most government reimbursers are willing to work with RNs/LPNs as independant contractors only because they can't find agencies to work with these cases -- it is not very good money. You also have to keep and store medical records, which really freaked me out, because I move every few years and couldn't imagine the hassle of dragging such confidential information around with me. My computer crashed a couple months ago, and I lost all the forms and info that I had gotten on this, but the two deciding factors for me were the low reimbursement and the storing of health records.

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The post that you are responding to is from 2003. Please watch the dates closely.

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