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Independent Provider LPNs


Are there any Independent Providers out there? I have started the process to get my number and was looking to hear from anyone with what they have experienced. One question I have is, how difficult is it to get a client? I have gone to the website to look at requests for services. I also understand that this is basically a small business I am setting up and taxes will not be taken out, etc.........I am a very driven person to make this a success. Anybody with any advice or doing this type of work? (Oh, I'm in Ohio)

HisTreasure, BSN, RN

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I am an independent provider and I network with quite a few others including a RT and an NP. Most cases are obtained through networking although some states have registries where parents can post cases and get potential providers to reply. My advice for someone just getting out there is to team up with other independents you can trust and work well with. Nurses know nurses and it's all a matter of networking and referrals. Also, make friends with your local home care agencies. I know this sounds crazy and counterproductive but it's actually sage advice. Often HHAs lose cases due to unreliability and issues related to continuity of care (or the lack thereof). If you can team with them to be a backup or pick up shifts they can't cover and bill independently then you both benefit; you get hours, exposure, and opportunity to network with patients (who may know other people with similar co-morbidities/illnesses that need care) and the agency keeps their case. Heck, some hours are better than none for all involved. Good luck!


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I have my own business where I teach health and wellness, like a wellness coach. I consider myself independent.

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