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Independent-Practice CRNA - Will brutally answer any question from my perspective


Specializes in Anesthesiology.

Disgruntled indy CRNA. Full scope. I do, or have done, it all. Ask and I will give you my 100% brutally honest answer. Please keep it geared towards practice issues, not school admissions. And go...


Specializes in Anesthesia Care, Molecular Cancer Biology , Med AI.

How to work independently !?  What are your favorite practices in the clinic?  Is the CRNA school really scientific?  Are you satisfied?  Do you have all the skills?  Pain management and CRNA, how does it work?

Blake Williams, BSN

Specializes in Critical care, Emergency medicine. Has 2 years experience.

What school did you go to? What was good about it? what was bad? (Hopefully that doesn't qualify as a CRNA school admission question)