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I believe I am the first Registered Nurse in southern California to become an Independent Nurse Provider (INP) with Medi-Cal. There are many other independent nurses out there (check out but I should like to make contact with any other INP if s/he exists.

I'm not independent in the sense that I negotiate my own contracts; I accept the Medi-Cal pay rate. But there are many benefits, not least of which are my choice of client(s), location, hours to be provided and when to provide those, holiday, vacation planning and a longer term relationship with my client(s). I believe the clients are all be pediatric. The program is new for Medi-Cal, having started early in 2002.

It's one way to get your feet wet with independence with some form of security as services are provided after preauthorization of hours from Medi-Cal. There are case management opportunities (RN management of LVN run cases) with minimum hours available, but another way to experience a little independence without giving up your day/night job and while considering full independence.

There are many nurses out there negotiating their own contracts and earning appropriate pay for highly skilled nursing. It's not for newbies, but I'd like to throw the idea into the forum for discussion.

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Ohio has lots of Independents. Make sure you have your own insurance.


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thanks for the wonderful tips....keep em coming,

I am a LVN really interested in being an independent nurse,

I want to start off by seeing clients (peds) in their homes,thru the EPSDT

program and after a while bridge over to contracting with facilities..such as acute care,longterm etc.etc.

I have an NPI number,but after that im not to sure where to go,I was thinking about maybe looking into my local

Regional center about becoming a vendor...but I dont know if they use the services of LVN's.

Do you have any advice or leads you could give me you seem very knowledgeable and experienced on this topic


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Hope you're well, I am a LVN also in Southern California and I just recently received my Medi-Cal provider number,

I really would love to pow-wow with you and maybe pick your brain a bit and receive any advice you would be willing to relay, I dont at this moment have the ability to send private messages, but if you could inbox me your email address I would really love to chat with you

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!

I, too, am looking for any nurses who are independent Medicaid providers for the State.

I understand that we will be subject to the same audits that physicians are, and I have been looking for RAC audit insurance for nurses without success.

Does anyone out there have any knowledge of an insurance company that offers this type of insurance for nurses.

Not Professional , but the Regulatory Compliance Insurance that pays for defense against Medicaid audits?

Thanks for your help.


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