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Hello all!

I just became aware of independent nurse assessor contractors where nurses are paid to go out to patient's homes to do assessments for long term care insurance claims. These are mainly contractor supplemental income type jobs but I'm wondering, are there any nurses out there who actually do this full time, like as a business under an LLC? I imagine they would just sign up for multiple companies as an independent contractor to maintain a full time income but treat it like a business.

Thanks in advance for your responses. :-)


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Did this work for a major insurance company as a contractor....I believe I was paid about $55-$60/ per assessment... It was OK.

The clients were nice, time is money- each assessment is your income; consider taxes and vehicle wear and tear, travel time, gas.. all those things that take away from your rate. Make sure it's worth a nurses coming to work for you. Also, will you offer benefits?

Potential barrier to entry: Insurance companies typically have their own people or a company they've partnered with in the past to contract a nurse when needed. That's how I got in.

Again, definitely not a labor intensive job so you probably will have a lot of nurses interested with so many looking to leave the bedside. 

Good Luck 

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