Independent Contracting as a home health nurse

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any advice or experience in working as an independent contract nurse in home health? I’ve heard of some nurses who have done this and they would be paid by the insurance companies so this would cut out the middle man and helped create better flexibility for both them and their patients, as well as a better pay rate. I have six years of nursing experience most in an ICU setting and then more recently in home health but am considering making the switch to independent contracting but I was hoping to get some advice on how to get started and things to look out for from someone with experience in this area. I know I would probably need to take out some insurance for my license and work on writing up some contracts for the family but my questions are how does this work with insurance? What other steps do I need to take to get started? And how does charting work? Would I just create my own documentation flow sheet to turn in to insurance?

Case I had recently left went to the insurance company. RN who remained on the case told me her pay rate remained the same. All she got out of the new arrangement was the agency off her back. So don’t necessarily expect miracles as far as pay.